Eating out in Kawasaki


What is this? How much is this?


These are the questions we always ask when we check the food and price displayed outside the restaurant or on their menu. 

We are wondering what meat and vegetables they are using, the sauce, the taste and how it is done. 

As for me, I always choose a well-balanced healthy meal - salad, protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

But, that is not the problem for a foreigner like me here in Japan. 


My timely concern is I cannot read Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and even Japanese numbers. Most of the time, I had a hard and long time reading the menu, and it makes me more hungry. 

What's more, I am nervous and worried about my Japanese skills. I am always doubting myself if the person I am talking to could get my meal order right.


So, every time I am out to eat, I am always choosing a shop that has at least one of the following:

1. Japanese written menu but with colored pictures and price written in cardinal numbers (0,1,2,3...)

Example: とんかつ 800 yen (with colored picture)

2. Japanese and English written menu, price written in cardinal numbers, without a picture.

Example: とんかつ Tonkatsu or Pork Cutlet 800 yen 

3. All of the above

Japanese and English written menu, price written in cardinal numbers, and colored picture.

Example: とんかつ Tonkatsu or Pork Cutlet 800 yen (with colored picture)


The third option would be a jackpot for me. 

I have been living in Kawasaki for 3 years now and my quest for finding the best restaurant is still on until I found Wired Cafe in ATRE Kawasaki. Guess what? It is option number 3! 

The waitress cannot speak English at all. So, I pointed out what I wanted and she said it in Japanese to confirm my order. I was a bit sad that she couldn't speak English, but using gestures, we could finally decide quickly to my order. 

I felt that it was the best time of my life. I just pointed here and there. And voilà! It took only about a minute! And, I was just happily waiting for my meal to be served after that.


The English language is just one of the main widely used languages that has a big impact on communicating with other people. It can make our lives easier and have memorable experiences when you have this skill.


Because of my experience, I am more motivated to teach English to second language learners to also help them convey what they want. 


How about you? Do you have the same experience as mine when you travel to other countries? Do you want to learn English with me? 

I am very glad to teach English to you. 


You may contact us on the following


I am waiting for you! 



Yours truly,