Winter in 川崎


Bbbrrrrr... cccoooollldddd...


Gnashing teeth, stiffened neck, sticking chin as close to the chest - these are just a few of the many signs that winter is coming.


I was born and raised in a tropical country named the Philippines. We only have rainy and sunny days thus making my beautiful country known for flora and fauna.


Mentioning those above, my body is accustomed to that weather. And experiencing four seasons here in the land of the rising sun, my body, my whole system is adjusting time by time.  It’s not easy. 

So, here I am again, using all the essentials that my skin and immune system need. 



In my field of work, I can’t afford to get sick nor have a flaky skin since I’m always meeting business people.  Grooming here is a must, you don’t have to look stunning all the time though, but just at least presentable and somehow odorless. 

So, in connection to that, I am using bubble bath and oils that could relax my muscles after a long day of carrying heavy stuff and long-standing and walking from stations to stations, and for my skin not to be so dry. 



It may sound ridiculous, but I tell you, bathing time is just a heavenly place and routine I’m addicted to doing in cold days.  Couldn’t you agree more?



So how about you? What are your winter days routine? Are you savoring your nightly bubble bath as I do? 



Thanks for reading.  That's all for now folks!
Stay tuned.


Who else,