Traveling away 神奈川県川崎市


Hello, we are Canaryann Lab.


”This train is bound for Odawara.”


Sweaty palms, fidgety feet, wandering eyeballs, and pounding heart - emotions of a hysterical lady conquering fear. 


Last week, I decided to spend time with friends back home who are also working in Kanagawa Prefecture. They're both resided at Matsudo and Kamonomiya Kanagawa, respectively. Believe it or not, we meet once in a year or so.


Means of transportation in Japan are mainly trains. But, there's a variation of them categorized in speed that goes with the price. So, it’s tricky to distinguish which is for this and that. 


I usually arrive an hour advanced so I could look around, relish the view, window shopping and most of all, take pictures. 


Visiting my friend in Kamonomiya, we had to change plans due to some unexpected incidents. It wasn't bugging me at all since I already fixed myself to adapt to whatever circumstances that were going to occur. Instead of meeting up at the station, we decided to meet at her home sweet home. She suggested to me to ride a taxi, but I decided to walk to savor the view and sense the atmosphere. 


On my way there, I saw the picture that you see above on this blog. It caught my attention. I stood blankly, understanding what it is. They are selling their harvests outside their homes for 100 yen! Yes, you are reading it right, 100 yen! These goods cost 500 yen or more. I am still in awe. 


Not only that, can you see the green basket hanging? As you have noticed, there's no one standing to look over the goods. The notice on the green basket informs the buyer to place the payment inside the metal tube. They trust the buyer to leave their payment there. Isn't it amazing?


It is indeed unbelievable to leave your goods outside without feeling concerned of some people will pick it up without paying. But it is in Japan I believe in such.


I hope that all of us can do this. Wouldn't it be a happier world to live in if we are all like this?



Thank you for reading!