川崎市の人類 Humanity in Kawasaki City


DISCLAIMER: This blog is according to our students' English level. 
Credits: Daiso in Lazona Kawasaki


'What?! Only one box per person? Why?'


I was stunned by the loudness of their voices, as the staff calmly explains the reason to the consumer.


The beginning of the year was such loads of surprises and sadness. News like the unrecognized escape of a former car company chairman, natural disasters like volcano eruptions and sinkholes, the tragic death of a famous basketball player, and lastly, the horrifying virus that is continuously killing people.


The latter is a huge concern. Everybody is fearful and is now keeping one's health the topmost priority. People are now more focused on consuming healthy food that could boost their immune system, maintaining their hygiene, and wearing masks when roaming around public spaces. But, there is a problem, there's a scarcity of face masks. 


Almost every day, pharmacies or drugstores and shopping malls are full of hopeful people that they could at least purchase protective mask barely for a week, and we are one of them. 


Favorably, as the days pass by of never-ending searching, a famous 100-yen store is only one among all the shops I have visited selling surgical masks. 


Without hesitation, I immediately grabbed four boxes of masks that each consists of 30 pieces. However, distant from the place where I stood, I heard a loud announcement prompting everyone to get only one box per person. And, so I returned the other three without further questions.


Here is what I realized. I understand that humans are selfish by nature. We save ourselves first before others, and at times of threat, we disregard the things around us, especially to the things that don't matter much to us. 


The shop showed me that it is not that bad to at least compromise the greediness you have at the moment, and let others have what you have. 


This shop shows that at this crucial time, it is more than a profit. It is about being fair and showing concern to everyone. It is indeed a win-win solution. 


We hope you could share something with someone when you have the opportunity.


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Take care everyone!