How I respond to COVID-19

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NoteTo our students and readers, please check the meaning of the bolded words to learn and understand more.



"Oh no! You must be kidding me! 

I have to do something! "


Coronavirus is terrifying the whole of East Asia, and eventually, the world.

Medical professionals and each country's government are working hand in hand to save humanity and animals.


The entire month of February here for me in Japan was full of doubts and self precautions. The nurse in me, which has been on standby mode, was activated and keeping myself alert at all times


Every morning, I am watching TV news to update myself from any recent news and what I can do for myself and my students. 

A part of me is always hoping that one day, there would be a vaccine that can protect everyone. 

I consider this a pipe dream of mine.


But then suddenly, the head of the country had just announced that children should better stay at home until April, and encourage workers to work at home, or if not, go to work a little late to avoid the crowded train.

Hearing these, I am getting more anxious. I have given up on that waiting game and decided to act on it.


I started checking shops day by day, buying face masks, bags of toilet paper, canned goods like tuna, rice grains and microwaveable rice, bottled water, surgical gloves, batteries for my sensor light, vitamin C drops, hydration formula packages, bleaches, biscuits, pasta, sauces, mochi, noodles, and snake plant. The last brave thing is I learned how to make rice bran pickles (Nukazuke). 


Never in my wildest imagination that there's a possibility to experience living inside the apartment for a whole month walking around each corner of my cozy abode.


But yesterday, the prime minister announced that the nation has nothing to worry about masks, and other necessities to protect ourselves from the said virus. 

He said that we have enough supplies. 

And that all he requested is to continue to live a normal life and stay healthy. 


Yes, I may have prepared a bit early, but I never regretted it since I know what I need, and those were thought deeply with consideration.


The reason I am writing this blog is to share with everyone that now is not the time to blame and discriminate. Find your solutions that match your means, change the way you live, be kind to nature, and being resilient are the keys to stay on the game of survival.


I hope you can find your plans to stay healthy, learn from this occurrence, and use every second of your life to something remarkable like catching up with your family, or learn something new.


Thank you for reading. Take care.