Food To prepare for COVID-19


Panic buying, what should I buy?


We all know that COVID-19 is bringing worries and anxiety to all of us.

More people are affected by this virus and kill the elderly principally.


The respective government in each country announced the restriction to not go out of their dwellings. Hearing that gives everyone anxiety on how to survive like a job to pay bills and buy food.


The government hears you, thus giving you enough time to plan, and roam around warning everyone to practice social distancing religiously.


So, let's get down to business. We are going to share with you the food we prepared.
But first, let us share with you what we considered before we purchased goods.


  1. We pretend we have less money.
  2. Malls will be closed and we only have once a week to shop.


Here is our grocery list:


  1. Rice or glutinous rice 
  2. pasta
  3. crackers or biscuits
  4. noodles
  5. flour


  1. beef
  2. chicken
  3. eggs
  4. pork
  5. ground pork
  6. canned goods - sardines, meatloaf, beans.
  7. oatmeal
  8. beans
  9. dried fish
  10. peanut butter
  11. frozen cheese
  12. monggo beans


  1. avocado
  2. nuts
  3. coconut oil
  4. meat fat or lard
  5. butter



  1. powdered milk
  2. dried fruits -raisins.
  3. dried meat or sausages
  4. salt and pepper
  5. soy sauce and vinegar



  1. batteries for emergency light
  2. candles
  3. medicines - headache, diarrhea, colds, inhalers, cough, multivitamins.
  4. bleach
  5. laundry soap
  6. hand soap
  7. wet wipes
  8. plastic
  9. bottled water


OTHER THINGS to consider:

  1. Start farming or poultry farming.
  • calamansi or calamondin lime, garlic, onion, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken and the like.



  1. Ready to cook marinated meat
  2. Make/bake bread or pancakes
  3. sticky rice
  4. spring roll - vegetable or meat
  5. vegetable pickles
  6. pasta dishes
  7. iced milk candy to tame the children
  8. highly spiced dish of pork or chicken
  9. soured fish
  10. Misua with sardines
  11. chocolate rice pudding


Please cook adequately for some days because it can be cloying if you are going to consume it the entire week.

Also, just my suggestion, eat only when you are hungry.

Do not eat when you are bored, because if you do, you will gain some pounds. 


Lastly, check the expiration date of every good that you are buying.
Now, is not the time to get sick as hospitals and medical staff are busy to attend the ones needing urgent care.



We hope this can help you, as this is helping us to survive. 


P.S. We only bought what we can devour and can stock for a long time. 


Take care, everyone!



Yours truly, 

Canaryann Lab