Life in COVID-19


Staying home keeps on lengthening, workers are remote working, overseas workers are losing jobs, and food supplies are uncertain

Recognizing these sudden shifts makes us wonder what to do to survive.



Since the last week of March, we have been exercising teleworking to protect ourselves, our students, and our business as well. 

Let me share with you how we are doing now.




Since then, I cook and eat healthy meals religiously.

I cook viands using salt, pepper, and broth.

I make sure to ingest a lot of soup and a lot of vegetables in a day.


Second, as exercising outside is discouraged, I do home workouts. 


I realized in the first two weeks that walking or doing housework is not satisfactorily because the back and hip sores aren't gone.

The excruciating pain is still there and doesn't permit me to have a good night's sleep.  


I have to do it since I am losing my lower muscles due to prolonged sitting. Online lessons let me sit 18 hours straight and only leaving my post during bladder break or mealtime. 


Now, the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout is helping me to endure the day. It is tiring to exercise but worth it.



Third, I am accountable for cleaning the classroom. 

I mop the floor using soap and water, disinfect desks and chairs, ventilate the room well, and ensure our snake plant is in good condition.





In almost everything I do, I always develop plans and prepare for the worst.


If we are not going out to work, social distancing is needed, elderlies are prone to die, and in Japan, elderlies are mostly farmers, there is no way that food will be adequate to feed the many if it continues for these upcoming months.



So, I began home gardening. I plant vegetables that are easy to care, grow, and not fragile.


I am growing spinach, carrots, eggplants, strawberries, potatoes, green bell peppers, and tomatoes.

I use rice washings as my fertilizer.


invested my money on these, because I know I will undoubtedly benefit the bearings a hundredfold.





I regard myself lucky because our students are continuing to study with us. I am earnestly grateful for this.


Most of our students are doing online lessons. 

We can't deny the fact that it is more realistic and practical to do face-to-face lessons. So, I searched for web applications, and they are effective by far.



Perhaps there are tons of realizations to say, but these are mine.

One is that life must go on.

One impression I adore about Japanese culture is their resiliency and their innovative way of thinking when facing life struggles.

It is something I persist in learning and adapt over the years.



The second is to stay productive through telecommuting.

I spend more time with my family, relatives, and friends.

Enjoying short small talks is just priceless.

Also, I am enjoying English exercises with our students as we uncover new things together.



Lastly, making the most out of it.

I created smart plans, read new books, and do dreadful things. 

I even enrolled myself in Harvard’s online lessons.

I feel giddy thinking about it alone.



I hope I brightened your day.

If you need someone to chat with, I am just a message away.