Hello, everyone. How have you been? I miss you! I know it has been a while since we wrote our blog.

As you know, we just

transferred to our new office near Yokohama Station from Kawasaki. 

It was quite a challenging

June for us. But we are glad to be back!


In this blog, I am going to share with you the moving-in and out in Japan. 

We are going to talk about:


1. Before the transfer

2. During the transfer, and

3. After the transfer.

4. Difficulties along the way

5. Hopes for a new life



Disclaimer: There are tons of information you can see on the internet, but what I am going to share with you is based on my experience.


 Let’s start. 


 Before the transfer, we did the following. 

1. Checking for a good office location.

· Near the train station

· With elevator

· About 5-10 minutes on foot

·  Easy to locate

2. Meeting-up Real Estate Agents

Checking a lot of flats floor plans

3. Decide a Moving Company

  • Decide the moving date and time.
  • The moving agent checked the house goods, appliances, and furniture.

WHY? To decide how many trucks and movers are needed.

4. Inform the current apartment owner of moving out

5. Boxing stuff

6. Selling and throwing unnecessary things

7. Called the gas company to cut our gas connection in the current office



During the transfer:

1. Helped the movers by answering their random questions and packing our office stuff

2. Tidy the floor and walls while they are moving out our stuff

3. Returned the current house keys

4. Guided them where to place things in our new office




After the transfer:

1. Unboxing and arranging them 

2. Checking the prefecture’s garbage disposal system

3. Call the gas, water, and electricity company 

4. Updating our blog and homepage.

5. Updating my work address and other contracts

6. Last clean-up in the office



Difficulties along the way

1. Location

  • We are concerned about the convenient access for our students and safety.


2. Office rent

  • Since we are still under the pandemic, we cannot risk that much, so we stick to our budget.




May this new change give us comfort despite the pandemic we are all experiencing. Also, as a teacher, may this build good memories and discover new learnings in their English journey. Lastly, we hope that more students are joining us in our new location.



We are looking forward to having you in our new location in Yokohama. We always make sure to follow health protocols to avoid transmission of coronavirus. No worries though, we also cater to ONLINE LESSONS at your convenience. 


 Please leave us a message, and we will get back to you soon!