Do you have food allergy (wheat, crab, milk, coffee) like me?


Do you love eating as I do? Do you prefer home-cooked meals or eating out? Do you like simple cooked meals or those oozing sauce all over the dish? Do you go to a fancy, family or fast-food restaurants?


Well, recently, I often choose simple, healthy, and fewer sauce meals. Apart from that, I make sure that it won't affect my system. 


Well, let me tell you a little about me. In 2014, I had myself checked in a hospital, and the doctor diagnosed me with a syndrome that affects my food. It is hereditary - from my family's DNA. The worst is, it has no known cure. 

Yes, you read it right. My love for carbohydrates, dairy, and sweets was greatly affected. 

Now, I got the answers to my long wonders as to why my weight fluctuates and my body figure change despite the limited food I eat. Since then, I keep an eye on what I consume.


I am following a gluten-free, dairy-free, and caffeine-free diet. I often go to different restaurants that serve vegetable salad and have an option to use dressings. Also, where fish and poultry are grilled or fried in healthy oils like olive oil or coconut oil. For my drinks, I always opt for oolong tea, green tea, and herb tea. 


These menus are quite expensive, so sometimes cooking at home is preferable. 

I use almond flour, eggs, vegetables, fish, lemon, green tea, and organic meat. Of course, I should eat in moderation. 


If you ask if it is troublesome, of course, it is. But, this is the only way for me to live longer and enjoy, and most importantly, I won't regret my life because I know I tried to stay healthy. 


So, why am I sharing a menu from Denny's? Because they inform the eaters of their meal ingredients. On top of that, they have English menus. Life is easier. 


So, other than Denny's, I often eat in Ootoya, Obon de Gohan, and Wired Cafe. 

If you are like me who is following a strict diet and desires to travel to Japan, I recommend you to try the restaurants I mentioned. 



Not all thick people are caused by eating a lot. Some are just hormonal problems they have since birth. 

I still love eating, and it doesn't matter if it is home-cooked or from the restaurant. I am only after what my body can take that my body won't suffer. 


I am grateful that Japan is slowly working on how they could serve foreign customers better by showing written information on their menu. That's it for now. Thank you very much for reading. 


See you on my next blog.heart

Photo Credits: Denny's Menu