海外でも韓流ブーム!?韓流を英語で学ぶ(Are you a Korean fan either in fashion, music, and drama?)


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Are you a Korean fan either in fashion, music, and drama?

Well, I must admit that I am an avid fan of Korean Drama. It all started back in 2018 when my cousin recommended watching Korean dramas. From then on, I couldn't finger-count how many genres of dramas I have watched. And all of those always left a good impression and learnings on me. 
Around early this year, one of my close friends asked me to translate an English message to Japanese. She is an avid fan of Yoshi, a member of a K-pop Idol Group named TREASURE. 
I was elated and giddy to know that someone I know is also into Korean fever. 
I came to ask myself, why is this so? What made us, including me, made me into them that I cannot stop a day without watching an episode? I have deeply thought about the reasons, and let me share with you my observations.

In fashion, Koreans have unique customized modern outfits flexing from neutral to vivid colors, captioned shirts to suits, rare accessories to trendy, and old-school wears to mix match outfits that all become a hit.
Their cosmetics are also rising to fame since they offer a wide range of choices like for different skin types and tones, different skin problem remedies, and selling them at affordable prices.

When I went to Korea, no one looks ugly to me or strange. You can see how artsy people can be and enjoy their looks with no worries. Also, I bought tons of face packs for a souvenir for my family and friends. And I enjoyed using them.

Next, let's talk about their talents. 
From Psy, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, 2NE1, to rising stars like Treasure, BTS, and Blackpink, they set the standards higher.
Being able to sing and dance while maintaining the energy and poise makes the crowd feel more excited and happy. 
I think it is one way of thanking the fans for their undying support of their chosen craft. Hence, fans feel satisfaction.

Some Korean producers welcome other Asians like TREASURE's Japanese member, Yoshi, a part of the KPop group. Having an interracial group opens doors to different cultures, ideas, and experiences.

Lastly, have you ever wondered why we understand and feel every word they say in-depth?
It is because they deliver everything with emotions in a natural Korean way. Also, the stories are unique. It is not the usual drama I watched about family, affairs, love,  and action movies. They offer many twists to their stories. And even more uplifting and educating dramas mostly due in a 3-month term. 
Not only that but also, subtitles are well-written, vocabulary and grammar are well-thought. 

So, what is the point of my blog? 
I am pointing out that Koreans' rising fame is a concrete example of being heard by the world. 
They work hard by making songs in English lyrics that are simple and understandable. 
They study English to express their thoughts and reach out to their millions of fans globally.
It may not be easy and perfect at first, but the goal of taking chances and continuing matters the most. 

For me, I will continue to watch, listen and read their dramas not only because of the stories but also to appreciate people's lives from their perspectives. Lastly, to apply the new English vocabularies I learned from the subtitles and life learnings to my life.