Have you ever pondered your art? Me, I just started.


Various art forms surround us, from our energetic youth to our current disposition. Most commonly associated with dance, singing, acting, modeling, and painting. 


recall in my university when my classmates and I visited a museum of our national hero - Jose Rizal, in one of the universities in Cebu to answer our assignment.


Eager to understand the vicissitudes of his life that ended the long captivation to a sweet liberation, and the relics of the past and how he lived brought me to a beautiful, classy time. 


That marked my first-ever museum visit. 


Fast-forward to now, given the circumstance and opportunity here in Japan, I went to a prominent art exhibition by one of the most talked-about modern artists, Banksy. It was an excellent start to appreciate art in another form. 


The exhibition is entitled "Who is Banksy?"




Banksy is a world-renowned English street artist who carefully maintains his anonymity


His works mainly express political and social subjects of now that provoke diverse viewpoints. It is compelling and contentious.


People say that he urged people to express art in a revolutionary way.

In the end, it is making you cry out for more after gazing straight right onto them.


Now, let me take you to that particular day.



The exhibition brought me to old London.

The walls were dull, but the powerful ambiance let me linger and dawdle in every part of the room. Also, to find the art that answers "Who is Banksy?"


The challenge leveled up for me as the exhibition was intently shown in Japanese and not in a language I could comfortably understand, English. 




Though beside each artwork is a short description of what it's about, I stood in front of it, focusing on deciphering the strokes, colors, objects, characters, sizes, and titles how it connects me unbothered from the language barrier—just savoring the enchanted time I have.

Why am I unbothered? Because I had plan B, I take a picture (with permission) of all his arts and check the titles when I return home. 


Anyway, let me show them to you.




What do I like about Banksy's art?

Everything is simple yet expressed in a way he thought it'd be helpful in society.

The canvas and colors are well-thought that making it extraordinary. 









By the way, I am going to show you my two favorites.

"Rage, The Flower Thrower." - 2005



"Laugh now." - 2002



I would never have thought that day would leave me craving more appreciating art and seeing the message he powerfully conveys through those.


I am almost at the end of the exhibition, but I am still searching for the art that would answer, "Who is Banksy?"


And there, I saw the answer...


..."We are Banksy."


Banksy wanted to tell us that we can use our art to good use. To tackle social problems peacefully and decide what is most suitable for us to live in harmony.



Speaking of art, I have good friends who lissome dance and model unique fashion gracefully.


Some can sing, dance, and act concomitantly, and some can draw, paint, or sculpt like Michaelangelo. Oh, heavens blessed them.

That led me to think about the art I inherently have. 


What is my art?

It is a pinch of love for writing and my go-to hobby, singing. I always end up opting to write or sing my heart out when there's a need to be stable and be lucid.


And to begin a new form of expressing myself? No, for now. 


I thought of utilizing my writing to provide information and guide others (this blog, for instance), just like how Banksy uses his arty hands and imagination to influence change and fearlessness


Regarding "Art Appreciation" in museums and exhibitions, it is now part of my "happy list." That was entertaining and educational to me.


How about you? What is your art? Are you going to be like Banksy?




That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading as I was in writing this.



Yours truly,