Would you be convinced to buy from a teenage salesperson?


Would you be convinced to buy from a teenage salesperson?


We are now enjoying the last month of the year. Signs of gift buying, Christmas embellishments on the roads, and winter getups are everywhere. 


I had my Christmas present early this year. I went back to the Philippines from late October to early November. I had the best quality time with them.


Before leaving, I gifted myself another rare present. 


It all started when my 17-year-old high school student, Saki, told me there would be a school festival this year. She belonged to a club, and they intended to sell misanga (friendship bracelets) and transparent folders.


At first, their group was a bit anxious about producing the bracelets soon as they were already occupied with their respective school tasks. On top of that, there were only a few members. 

So, the pressure was really on everyone's shoulders.


So, we dig more about the bracelet, like what it's made of, the total quantity, and the price. Until we talked about the reason for selling it. 


They want to raise funds for Ukraine victims. 


From that moment, I was literally moved. Moved in the sense that these young students are so mature to think and do something for humanity.

For a second, I wondered why I hadn't thought of this when I was her age? 


Without hesitation, I told her I wanted to partake in their charity by purchasing one misanga and a transparent file. The color of the misanga is based on Ukraine's flag, and the file's name is "Piece of Peace."




Honestly, the reason is not to gloat that I helped. It is more like the opportunity was there right in front of me. 

It allowed me to determine the kind of person I wanted to be through this.


I might not have initially thought of this charity, but I had the rare chance to support it. 

One misanga and transparent file cost 700 yen. It's not that costly likened to a meal. So, why not get one that could go a long way.



Let's go back to the question. Would you be convinced to buy from a teenage salesperson?


Definitely, yes. Regardless of age, you must know every good sold's story. Listen and take time to understand the seller's story. 


Furthermore, I am more than grateful to support Saki's endeavors in the school. 

She might have a lot on her plate every day, but she's doing a great job of striving hard for her future to grow as a fine lady.


And that was the rare gift I gave myself; the ability to be extra conscious of today's opportunities. Being more mindful of the things around me and supporting activities worthy of a cost. I still have so much to learn, and I am humbled enough to learn from the young.



Thank you for reading. I hope to have inspired you as I am with Saki.