My "One of My MUST-DO's" before 2024


"Declutter for New Year"


Happy New Year! 

Have you energized yourself and set clear goals to accomplish this year?
Have you also listed your New Year's Resolution?
Well, I  got some already. 


Let me share with you a story first. 


One of our New Year family traditions is decluttering our home. 

It is one of the activities that my whole mental being strongly repels! It just doesn't attract me. 


On the other hand, "the light of the house" never stops nagging until your ears bleed and you memorize the breakfast lines like "clean your room or else!" (That's a subtle threat) or the line "you'll see all your things in the rubbish bin! 1,2,3…" and the list goes on. 
I know you can relate to me. Haha.



What else do you do? You better get the courage to awaken your cells and motivate yourself to clean every detail of your room. 

Cleaning for me means checking all papers and corners of shelves. It takes a lot of thinking and energy for me. And that means exhaustion


I respect people who find tidying up a walk in the park. But for me, it's a lot of work and an emotional ride. 
Because I often see some precious gems, I have difficulty letting go. Come on, that's hard. 



On December 28, I started tidying up room by room. The current apartment I'm living in is 3DK (dining and kitchen). It's quite a lot, you know. 
I've thrown a lot of expired goods, papers, wraps, plastics, and some boxes. 


But I found one small envelope in the clutter of my workbox. 
It was a farewell envelope and a small gratitude gift. 

It is a small note and coffee card gift. 






I started teaching my 5-year-old female student in August of 2023. 
She was a timid, shy, and achiever student. 


Teaching preschoolers is a challenge for me as a teacher. You must figure out the best way to teach them, from stickers, dance, tricks, magics, hops, dance to praises. 

You have to be quick to grab their attention and make everything effective. From there, you can slowly get their trust.

It was my first, but figuring out what was achievable for both of us was challenging. 

But with Sayuri, she made it fun and easy for me. I got her trust, and we had so much incredible time learning. 


The saddest part is I had to go to survive and attend to my needs. It hurts me still to bid farewell to students and vice versa. 

Having them part of my journey and growth as an educator makes me emotional.

Here's what I realized.


Decluttering reminds you of what the past showed you and how you were. From things you bought to experiences you gained, decluttering existed to make you realize your worth. 


I'm a teacher, and being called one is worth it. 





Also, I realized I should maintain a minimalist lifestyle because cleaning is tiring! 
Less things, more freedom! 



Thank you for reading. REMEMBER TO DECLUTTER! Hahaha! 


Happy New Year once again!